My name is Devin Davis and here are some things that I've worked on.

I was born and grew up in a small city in the United States of America, in Iowa to be specific, a couple of blocks away from the Mississippi River. My family and I then moved to Neptune Beach, Florida, where I lived for a number of years before eventually making my way to Chicago, on a quest for creative enrichment. 

I worked at ACME Recording Studios for a few years, and got to tour America after releasing my critically acclaimed album "Lonely People of the World, Unite!" in 2005. Chances are probably fairly good that you found your way here because of this record. I'm still quite proud of it. Well most of it, I suppose.

I've worked at the Art Institute of Chicago for the last eight or so years, doing live sound, recording, sound design, video editing, production, and soundtrack composition. I have, in recent years, discovered a great passion for creating sound and music for the moving image. I plan to dedicate myself ever more to this pursuit in the future. If you have a film or video project you would like me to contribute to, please contact me.  

And to address the old "where's the followup album" question, that I regularly receive, I'm currently, and almost constantly, working on new music and hope to finish another record soon. I've got tons of stuff in the cooker right now; almost too many. 

I hope you enjoy your time visiting my website. 

Best regards,